Cocker Spaniel Glossary: Croup

What is the Croup?

The croup refers to the area on a Cocker Spaniel’s back just before the tail, where the pelvic bones start. It is essentially the dog’s rump. The angle and length of the croup have a significant influence on the set of the tail and the dog’s overall top line. The Cocker Spaniel’s croup is moderately sloping, ensuring a smooth transition from the back to the tail, providing balance and facilitating movement.


  • The area of the back just before the tail, representing the dog’s rump.
  • Influences the set of the tail and overall top line.
  • In Cocker Spaniels, it’s characterized by a moderate slope.
  • Crucial for balance and facilitating movement.

A Deeper Look: Croup

The croup’s structure plays a critical role in the movement dynamics of a Cocker Spaniel. A well-angled croup allows for a more extended stride and effective propulsion from the hindquarters, essential traits for a breed historically engaged in hunting and retrieving.

Besides functionality, the croup’s angle adds to the aesthetic profile of the Cocker Spaniel. A moderately sloping croup ensures a smooth and harmonious transition from the back to the tail, creating a flowing top line that is characteristic of the breed. This design also impacts the set and carriage of the tail, which ideally should follow the croup’s line without a sharp break.

In dog shows and breed evaluations, the croup’s angle, length, and how it aligns with the rest of the body are scrutinized closely. It is an essential component in assessing the dog’s conformation to breed standards.

Spotlight on the Croup in Cocker Spaniels

  • Facilitates extended strides and effective propulsion during movement.
  • Aesthetically, ensures a smooth top line and correct tail set and carriage.
  • The moderate slope is characteristic of the breed.
  • Evaluated meticulously in dog shows for alignment with breed standards.

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