Cocker Spaniel Glossary: Stop

In the context of Cocker Spaniel head elements, the “Stop” refers to the indentation or transition point between the dog’s forehead and the top line of its muzzle. When viewing a Cocker Spaniel’s profile, the stop is that distinct angle or dip between the skull and the muzzle. It’s a significant aspect of the breed’s appearance, contributing to the Cocker Spaniel’s characteristic facial expression.


  • Defines the transition between the forehead and the top line of the muzzle.
  • An essential feature in the breed’s profile and appearance.
  • Contributes to the Cocker Spaniel’s unique facial expression.
  • Assessed as part of breed standards in dog shows and competitions.

A Deeper Look at the Stop

The prominence and definition of the stop can vary among different breeds of dogs, but in Cocker Spaniels, it’s typically well-defined. A pronounced stop gives the Cocker Spaniel a soft, endearing expression that’s much cherished in the breed.

Its importance is such that breed standards often provide specific guidelines about the desired depth and angle of the stop. While it’s largely an aesthetic feature, the stop also plays a minor role in the dog’s field of vision, as it influences the positioning of the eyes.

Spotlight on the Stop

  • Dog breeders often consider the stop when selecting mating pairs, aiming to preserve or enhance this feature in offspring.
  • Judges in dog shows assess the stop’s definition and angle as part of the breed conformity evaluation for Cocker Spaniels.
  • Historical representations of Cocker Spaniels, be it in art or literature, often accentuate the breed’s distinct stop.
  • When discussing Cocker Spaniel puppies with potential owners, breeders might highlight the stop as one of the breed’s distinguishing facial features.

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