Cocker Spaniel Glossary: Double-Coat

In the canine world, “Double-Coat” refers to dogs that have two distinct layers of fur: a softer, dense undercoat and a longer, coarser outer coat. In relation to Cocker Spaniels, while they are primarily recognized for their silky, medium-length coat, they too possess a double coat. The undercoat provides insulation, while the outer coat acts as a protective layer against environmental elements.


  • Double-Coat comprises two layers: a dense undercoat and a coarser outer coat.
  • Cocker Spaniels have a double coat, offering insulation and protection.
  • This coat type requires specific grooming practices to prevent matting and maintain health.
  • Seasonal shedding is common, with the undercoat shedding primarily during specific times of the year.

A Deeper Look at the Double-Coats

Having a double coat equips Cocker Spaniels with the necessary protection they would historically need when working in diverse terrains, shielding them from water, thorns, and harsh weather. The undercoat, which is shorter and denser, provides warmth during colder months. In contrast, the longer, coarser hairs of the outer coat repel water and protect against dirt, debris, and UV rays.

Seasonal changes can affect the density of the undercoat. Many double-coated breeds will “blow” or shed their undercoat, particularly during the transition from winter to summer, to help regulate body temperature.

Distinguishing Double-Coat from Other Coat Characteristics

While terms like “feathering” or “curly” describe specific features or textures of the coat, “double-coat” speaks to the coat’s overall structure. Even within the soft feathering or the curliness, there exists this dual-layer system in Cocker Spaniels, offering both protection and insulation.

Double-Coat Maintenance in Cocker Spaniels

  • Regular Brushing: This ensures that the undercoat doesn’t become matted and helps in distributing natural oils across the outer coat, maintaining its protective qualities.
  • Seasonal Grooming: During times of heavy shedding, more frequent grooming can help in removing the loose undercoat and minimizing hair fall around the house.
  • Avoiding Over-clipping: While grooming is essential, excessive trimming or shaving can interfere with the double coat’s natural functions, potentially leading to skin issues or reduced protection against the environment.
  • Bathing with Care: Using a gentle dog shampoo will help in preserving the natural oils in the coat, ensuring both layers remain healthy.

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